Feel darkness

...There is a sound in the calm
Someone is coming to harm
I press my hands to my ears
It's easier here just to forget fear

And when I squinted
The world seemed rose-tinted
And angels appeared to descend
To my surprise
With half-closed eyes
Things looked even better
Than when they were open

Been waiting for the night to fall
I knew that it would save us all
Now everything's dark
Keeps us from the stark reality...

4 comentarios:

Duczen dijo...

No tienes ganas ni na de que lleguen... que te sea placentera la espera.

Halo dijo...

muchas la verdad es que muchas...

Señor Werty dijo...

Me parecía lo mismo a moi, no se porque


Halo dijo...

jajaja... pues os queda esta semana .... de dar el coñazo... gracias por la visita!!!